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Thursday, Jan 5 2012

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YUCK.....226!!!!!! So it looks like I gained 10-13 pounds in 3 weeks. That is crazy. 3 weeks ago I was at 216. After Xmas I started logging again so I am sure I lost 2-3 pounds....I am guessing based on how my clothes fit. Sigh......

So, I can train for a marathon, complete a marathon BUT I still cannot control my food without constant vigilance. So this was a real kick in the pants. I really did not think I was that out of control. Looking back not weighing myself daily was probably giving me an excuse to over indulge.

I am going to have to recommit again to daily weigh ins and logging everything that goes into my mouth.

Good news:
I got a green check yesterday again!

I don’t mind logging my food as I know it will help me reach my goal. It is actually empowering.

I honestly feel OK. 226 is actually giving me a little motivation kick things up a notch.

This morning I ran 7 miles before work: 2 mile warm up, 3 mile temp run(was supposed to run between 11:00-11:30 pace, I averaged 11:17…..I am happy with that) and then a 2 mile cool down run. I will tell you what my calorie burn on that tempo was great 500 Calories (I use a garmin with a hear rate monitor. The 4 mile warm up and cool down were about 600 calories)

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6 years ago

I wonder how much of the gain is due to sodium. I bet you'll drop it easily once you go back to eating on plan.




6 years ago

I weigh and record my weight every morning. It really helps me...otherwise I have a disconnect between what I eat and what I weigh. Good for you for recording and getting your green check marks and for those awesome runs you are doing! I can't imagine running that many miles.




6 years ago

I think it is really hard to lose while you are distance running. Maybe it throws your body in a tailspin?




6 years ago

I've done 7 marathons and still don't have the food under control. :$ I wish it were that easy . . . I only got down to a reasonable weight the year I ran two and a half marathons and was too busy to eat, but that's obviously not sustainable. Sounds like you're rocking your training. :rock1:

by CATE533



6 years ago

HUGS! I do have to agree, when I tend to stay away from the scale I have the extra piece of whatever... I hope after a week of being back in the game all around those holiday pounds will fall off. I have no dobut you will kick it in gear again and get back to 216.
Last Christmas I was in crontrol of what I ate and this year I felt very much out of control and didn't put much thought into my choices. Sad, but true.
I am so happy you stil feel good! Keep up the great runs.