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Tuesday, Jan 10 2012

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Had our first BL workout. It was a lot of fun. PT had sandbags. 2 people would do strength training drills using the sandbags while the other 2 would do cardio and then we would switch. I did not think I would like working out with 3 other people but it actually was pretty motivating. I was so proud of my daughter. It was tough for her but she did not give up.

The only negative is that I am the fittest person (funny, I weigh the most) so I get less attention because everyone needs more help with their form and endurance. But I think this experience is worth it.

Got a green check yesterday!

Boy did I wake up crazy hungry this morning. Those sandbags got my motor running! It is only 8:24am and I already ate my mid morning snack. Looks like I need to drink a lot more water!

Hope everyone has a great day.

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6 years ago

Sounds like a fun, challenging work out! Can't wait to hear about your progress!




6 years ago

That's awesome. I am so glad you enjoyed the workout.
I wish I had the $ to get a PT, but part of me is ok with it since I am a big baby... lol..
So proud of your daughter, tell her I said keep it up :)




6 years ago

lol!! i feel u on the hungry day today!! after the last 2 months of eating almost wat i wanted & just getting back to seriosly watching again it is sooooo tuff!! lol!!! i get up at 5 a.m. & have a protien shake @ 5:30 then couple hundred cal brkfst around 8:30 & rite now am counting down till 11:30 to eat lunch!! lol!!! :bang: i kno after a few wks i won't even notice but rite now "FEED ME SEYMORE!!" :help: lmao!! thanks for the msg today i appreciate & enjoy all the support i can get.....still have almost 100 to lose!! hope ur hunger subsides & really want to b u in my later life.....the fittest of my bunch!!! hope u have a very successful day today & all wk!! :clap: