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Thursday, Jan 12 2012

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Green check yesterday! I am liking the green check trend. My body likes it too.

Yesterday was supposed to be my day off from exercise but they were predicting a little snow storm to come through this morning. Today was my big tempo run day. The run was

2 mile warm up
2 mile tempo 3 minute break and then another 2 mile tempo run
2 mile cool down run.

Soooo, even though I was tired I decided to do the run last night. It is a good thing I did because it is pretty nasty out there now. We are only supposed to get 2-
3 inches but it is super cold and windy. BUT last night was rough.

I am not used to running in the dark with traffic. The car lights were shining in my eyes for my first 2 mile tempo run. I had a hard time keeping pace because I could not see and was trying not to trip up.....but with all that I was only off pace by 4 seconds (the slower end of my range. My tempo range is 11:00-11:30. I did the first 2 miles at 11:34 average pace. The second 2 mile tempo run was better as I was in a better neighborhood without traffic, It was aroun a 11:20 average pace. Running at 5am vs 5pm is a different story. I prefer 5am - no cars. I was hurting last night but I feel much better this morning.

I was not able to weight myself this morning because my Father in Law (he is living with us right now....long story) was in the basement where our scale is. I only weigh in a T-shirt and undies. Hopefully he will not be in the basement tomorrow morning!

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4 comments so far.


6 years ago

wow, what is that 8 miles? You are awesome! I hope your weigh in is great!




6 years ago

Great job!




6 years ago

We're experiencing the same thing here in KC. Winter has made an appearance and I personally would like it to take a hike to Michigan or something. We've been spoiled very mild weather this winter.

You're doing really good running. I WISH I could run 6 miles. I'd have to get a knee replacement!




6 years ago

Good for you on getting out there to do the run. Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow...