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Saturday, Jan 14 2012

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Friday was a crazy busy day. Last night was our BL workout session. It was a great workout. Clara did great again. She never gave up. She says it is OK but she is glad she is exercising. She has not started writing down her food yet. I just told her it was a good idea but I don't want to be too pushy. The BL weigh in for our team is Monday so we will see how we do.

The scale poped back up for me...bummer was 222.5 this morning. Thursday night I had crazy sweet cravings that I gave into and went way over my calories. Yesterday I went over 200 calories BUT I was just so hungry. At least I went over eating oatmeal, not chocolate like Thursday.

So this weekend I need to be super good about logging and drinking water.

I swam laps this morning and tomorrow is an 11 mile long run. Hopefully I can get back down to 220 by Monday.

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6 years ago

11 miles! You go girl! Yes, this has been a rough week for a lot of people on CK it seems. BUt, it's about consistency which I know you have. We're not going to be "perfect" all the time, but as long as we're headed in the right direction, we're doing good! I believe in you, and us =)