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Monday, Jan 23 2012

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Last week was a crazy busy week, the weekend was busy too!!! Good news I had a 2 pound loss this week!!! Even under crazy work and personal stress. Scale was 220 this morning!

Work has been crazy busy and on top of it my best friends father has Pancreatic Cancer and their family decided it was time for hospice. Carmen asked me if I could come home with her Thursday and Friday so she could have a friend but so I could also help with the transition. I am glad I was there for them. It was the only thing I could do to help. I spent most of the childhood with her family and her parents are like my second parents. They call me their adopted daughter. I was honered to help take care of her father, even though it was for only 3 days.

The plan was to be gone Thursday and come back Friday evening so I could do the half marathon Saturday morning. But by Friday afternoon came around I knew that I could not leave them. Carmen's dad just had gotten home and they really needed an extra hand until they got all set up with the hospice staff, so I decided not to go home until Saturday, misisng the half marathon (I didn't even tell Carmen that I had this planned, I did not want her to feel bad). I was bummed BUT I did my own half marathon on Sunday. I went to the park that the half marathon was held the day before. It was lonely and not as much fun as racing with other runners but it was better than nothing.

I actually did pretty good. 13.13 miles, 2:28:31, 11:19 average pace (per garmin). It is a PR, not by much, but better than I thought I would do. My best half time was at the St. Louis Rock n Roll 2:29:25. I felt pretty good the entire time. The last mile was a little tough but when I realized I was going to beat my time I was able to push it. Usually my gramin is spot on with the chip time so i think it is pretty accurate. My running coach said he was pretty impressed I did that by myself. Bummer it is not offical but I guess it really doesn't matter.

Hoping this week will be less crazy.

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6 years ago

Way to go!!! And you are an incredibly kind hearted person... That was so special for you to be there with your friend and her family.




6 years ago

Great job on your half - trust me it totally counts even if it's not "official". Your friends are lucky to have you - take care though all of this. :kiss:




6 years ago

Good for you on still doing the half on your own.
And you are an amazing friend! xoxo




6 years ago

WOW! Congrats on your PR.