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Thursday, Feb 9 2012

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Hello! Had a another 8 mile run this morning. 4 miles were at tempo pace but divided into 2 miles.

1st 2 mile tempo run was at 10:46 average pace and the 2nd one was at 10:49 average pace. I think this is the first time I didn't curse out my running coach while running because I felt pretty good the entire time. I cannot believe I am improving my speed like this. I remember when I was excited to just get under a 12:00 average pace. I never imagined I could get under 11:00 average pace. Just think what I could do if I dropped....even 10 pounds.

Almost the hardest part the tempo run is doing the 2 mile cool down afterwards. I think I am just ready to be done and it feels like it takes FOREVER.

Next week Thursday tempo run is 10 miles (6 miles at tempo pace no breaks!).

I will meet with my running coach face to face tomorrow as my current plan is almost over.

Eating has been OK. Not as much stress eating yesterday, just a little. Today I am following the nutrionists plan to eat back all the exercise calories. I am wondering if this might help me not to stress eat. I just need to make sure those calories are good calories!

Oh.....tonight we have our first biggest loser challenge! It should be fun.

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3 comments so far.


6 years ago

Damn!!!!!! Wow! You're amazing, Lisa... truly, you are!




6 years ago

I can't wait to hear what your BL challenge is....




6 years ago

I never in my wildest dreams picture myself running like you do. When I grow up I wanna be just like you ;)
Keep up the fantastic pace.