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Monday, Feb 13 2012

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Down 1.5 pounds this week. 222.5. I am happy with that. I followed the nutritionist suggestions of increasing my calories. I kept the 1600 base calories CK suggests but I ate back most of my exercise calories (I wear a heart rate monitor, so it is as accurate as you can get). So I intentionally ate many more calories than I would normally plan to eat. I tried to keep the calories, good calories but did have a treat each day.

After a couple of days doing this I noticed that I did not graze in the kitchen as much as I normally would. Typically I would I often find myself opening up the pantry and getting a handful of cereal or something like that (more than once in an evening). And would I log that handful of cereal???? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. BUT this wee toward the end of the week I found myself grazing less. I will email her my logs tomorrow and get some feedback.

I also meet my running coach in person on Friday to talk about the last half of my training plan. From all my stats he still thinks I can do the half marathon in April in 2:20 without a problem (I am sure I mentioned this but my best half time was 2:29, so this would be a 9 minute improvement). I don’t know why but I am just having a hard time believing that I can do that, but, I have to trust him. My husband said “of course you can do that” I love that he believes in me. I just have to believe in myself a little more. I guess I just don’t want to jinx myself.

Oh, this is hard for me to believe too. Running coach says that I can run the 4 mile race this Saturday at a 10:00 pace!!! Wow. I know I have been doing all the tempo runs and speed work but wow I would have never thought it would be possible for me to run at 10:00 pace for 4 miles. I know I am doing all the work and I should be able to do it BUT for some reason I am like “really, me, I can do this?”

So this week I need to work on truly believing I can do this. I am just not sure how to do that……

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6 years ago

YOU can do this!!




6 years ago

BELIEVE. You can do it!




6 years ago

First of all :hi: Second, what your nutritionist has you doing makes total sense to me - that's what mine had me do too. When you do that much running you need more fuel to be able to lose weight and workout. Lastly, if you are doing tempo and speed work you can totally kick butt at that half and the 4 miler. Can't wait to hear all about it!!!!




6 years ago

I believe in you 100% and I know you will rock amazing times...
Yeah to no grazing and a fantastic loss... That's great!




6 years ago

I believe in you! I know you can do it!
That is cool news about the nutritionist and being down some pounds. Who would have thought more calories would be better for you? I'm glad you had a good loss this week!