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Thursday, Feb 16 2012

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Usually Thursday morning I have to do a big tempo run BUT I have that 4mile race this Saturday so I only had to do a 4 mile run @ an easy pace. I kind of have a good and bad feeling. It was nice that it was a quick and easy run, I felt wonderful during the run BUT now I feel like I just warmed up and I am now at work and my body feels like it wants to run more and it is driving me a little crazy. I have a lot of nervous energy now.

We had a nice and relaxing Valentine’s day. I did OVER Indulge. I planned on it too. I wasn't going to document it but then I got curious…..3,257 calories and mostly sugar!!! I had planned to eat a lot more really but I think this is the first time in my life where I was like “I just can’t eat another sweet thing” and just stopped. That was kind of a good feeling.

Yesterday was back to normal eating and I felt great. This morning I took a peak at the scale and was surprised to see a 1 pound drop (221.5), yeah, Monday I was at 222.5.

I had my first email update with the nutritionist. I sent her a pdf of my logs. It was great to get her feedback and it what I was hoping for. She was happy overall and gave me a couple of suggestions for this week. Mainly to only use cliff/protein bars for on the go snack but for work/home if I can do a protein and a pair it with fruit or veg. She even suggested oatmeal with almonds and dried fruit would be good too. She was very positive and supportive, everything I was hoping for. I will meet with her in person next week.

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6 years ago

Yeah on the lb. hope it sticks!!! how wonderful the nutritionist is supportive, that is AWESOME.