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Wednesday, Feb 22 2012

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Yesterday I had my face to face meeting with the nutritionist (I get this once a month with the plan I bought). I am really liking this. It was 1 hour to just talk about me, my history and how I feel about food, discuss ways to manage food and my emotions. She reviews my food journal and gives me small tips of things that I can do to improve my nutrition. She also writes down small goals for me to tweak what I am doing. The best part is Emily is also a runner knows that world too. Plus the weekly update emails. I really wish I would have found this a long time ago. Luckily I found it now and hopefully it will get me to the next step.

The scale went down a little bit since Monday. 200.5. Almost back into the 21X something. It is amazing, I am eating so much more and I am seeing the scale move down at a nice healthy pace. I feel satisfied, now this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

Got the last half of my training plan. Whew.....I am tired just looking at it. I run 6 miles on Saturday and then Sunday is the long run (8-12 miles depending on the weekend). The 6 mile run every Saturday is to allow me to run on tired legs for the long run on Sunday. This way on race day I will run on "fresh" legs. I know I ask for this stuff BUT holly molly.

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6 years ago

I am also tired just hearing about it - but good for you!! I'm glad you are enjoying the nutritionist - it was a major turning point for me in my weight loss when I found the right one. I'm glad it's working out! :smile1:




6 years ago

Holly molly what a running schedule. I think you need to book a massage a few times! :)
Yeah on the scale!
You found yourself a fantastic nutritionist. I wish the one I met with was like that. Mine was good but not really invested in me...




6 years ago

spounds like you have a great team working with you!!




6 years ago

I'm glad you have found such strong allies... that you have a trainer/running coach and a nutritionist who are supportive of your endeavors. Weight loss and fitness can be such solitary projects.

Oh... and my son is almost 17. I'm sure he'd appreciate it if he knew that I was "pimping him out" to my online friends! :teeth1:




6 years ago

It is exciting to read about your running lifestyle! Meeting with a nutritionist was life changing for me. We don't do face to face visits but he calls me every month to check on my progress and encourage me. He has been so supportive - his training and education really show - when I fall a little behind schedule he says things like, "what I like about you is..." and then refocuses our conversation. I was so inspired by his knowledge and caring that this fall I am going back to school to become a registered dietitian myself. In the future I think nutritional support is going to be a standard part of medical care. I look forward to reading about future visits with your nutritionist! The topic is one of my favorites. :thumbu2: Good luck on your race!