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Tuesday, Mar 13 2012

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It has been crazy busy at work. Emotional with all the changes going on and busy. I am just trying to keep in my office and focus on my job. Easier said than done.

Was able to maintain 219.75 weight. I am happy about that. Overall eating went pretty good. Had a couple unplanned indulgences but adjusted meals on later meals to compensate.

This past weekend I had to run 6 miles on Sat and then 12 on sunday. I did it! I actually felt good both days.

This weekend is the 5 mile St. Pats run. The goal is to run it under 52 minutes. I am working on feeling confident that I can do this. Not sure why but I always doubt myself and I am trying to change my mindset. This will be a nice break from all the long runs I have been doing. I only have to 5 mile this weekend. I think I am going to love every minute of it!
The 1/2 marathon is almost just a month away!

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6 years ago

You can ABSOLUTELY do this!!!!!




6 years ago

You so have this!! It takes me a little over an hour to do 5 miles and you smoke me!!

Hope work calms down soon.




6 years ago

You can so do the 5 miles under 52 min... YOU GOT THIS...
Work is crazy on my end too, it's good and bad...