SAXONHARP's Apr 2012 CalorieKing Blog

Monday, April 23rd 2012

Last week I took the entire week of from exercise. It was a little strange BUT I think it was needed. This weekend I ran 4 miles with a friend. She needed to walk jog so it was a nice way to ease back into it. Then on Sunday I ran 5 miles on my own and it felt sooo good. It truly enjoyed the run. It was hard to get out of racing mode. I kept having to tell myself to slow down and enjoy the run.

Honestly the past 2 weeks I have not been great about logging my food. The stress of th...

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Monday, April 16th 2012

2:23:19 was my time yesterday, Pace: 10:56 min/Mile. The goal was 2:20. Race day weather was warm, humid and windy. Even though I did not hit the goal time I am pretty happy with how I ran the race espically with the weather conditions. PRing by 6 minutes almost is not too shabby!!

My previous best time doing this same half marathon was in 2010, I did it in 2:29:16.

The Rock in Roll half marathon I did last fall time was 2:29:25.

I felt pretty good the entire run. The firs...

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Thursday, April 12th 2012

Life has been crazy busy! Both work and home. I am trying to get some extra rest this week because Sunday is the Go St. Louis half marathon!!! We got some nice cool weather around hear. This morning is was 30 degrees! I had to dig out the running gloves and long pants.

The weather for Sunday looks OK. Chance for storms and look like low might be 55i-60 and highs 70-75. Luckily the race starts at 7am.

I am starting to get butterflies BUT physically I feel pretty good!...

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Wednesday, April 4th 2012

Thought I would share my nutritionist's response to my week summary. I think it is great info for all of us. It is really nice to get this personal feedback each week. I won't be able to afford this too much longer but it really has been a great process for me as she really understands the mental process:

All of these instinces are positives in the fact that there is no such thing as perfect and the BEST is that you are staying internally cued to your body!!!! You are recognizin...

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Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

Weight this morning was 219.5. Down .25 for the week but I will take it. It has been a very overwhelming week.

I had one really horrible day last week eating wise. It was crazy busy at work again and someone brought in donuts. Avoided them until 11am (hoping they would go away) and then ate 4 of them. Even tried to eat one nice an slow. So I just said I need a break from this (actually I said F*** it.)and just allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted. This included going to Lion’s...

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