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Wednesday, Apr 4 2012

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Thought I would share my nutritionist's response to my week summary. I think it is great info for all of us. It is really nice to get this personal feedback each week. I won't be able to afford this too much longer but it really has been a great process for me as she really understands the mental process:

All of these instinces are positives in the fact that there is no such thing as perfect and the BEST is that you are staying internally cued to your body!!!! You are recognizing being hungry due to being tired/stressed versus just eating without thinking why. That is just GREAT!

You cannot focus on too much at once. Do not worry about the fat intake especially since it was from heart healthy fats like almonds! When it's from saturated fat then we need to real it back in. But we focus on small goals not the WHOLE thing :)

For food overall, great choices of whole grains, fruits and vegetables for your carbohydrate intake instead of sweets and you even allowed yourself 1/day. Great job with overall moderate sugar intake and still keeping your fiber in great range!

You had consistent calorie deficit and still had a great balance of meals and snacks with protein, fat and carb!

Just remember on days that are busy to stay cued into the physical side. If tired = more hungry. Try having the snack on the commute home versus waiting until you get home. Keep your water intake up on those busy, tired, stressful days because you don't want to be tired and dehyrated because that directly relates to eating more.

You are doing great! Keep up with the moderate sugar intake and for the fats just make sure they are heart healthy. Some other snack options versus the nuts could be hard boiled egg/egg whites and fruit, deli turkey or chicken slices with raw veggies, low fat cottage cheese and fruit or veggie. And, I hope you realized 1 day doesn't ruin anything. Great job!

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6 years ago

Thanks for sharing - good stuff for all of us!




6 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I wish more nutritionist were like her.
And I agree with her you are doing a GREAT JOB! xoxo




6 years ago

Thanks for sharing this is really good to hear!




6 years ago

Cool! Thank you for sharing. Positive reinforcements are great esp from outside of your "world". WTG, Carol!



6 years ago

I need to save that post and reread it about once a week.




6 years ago

I really like your nutritionist! She sounds very level headed and all about moderation. You should be proud of the work you are doing - because it's great! Keep it up! :y: