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Monday, Apr 16 2012

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2:23:19 was my time yesterday, Pace: 10:56 min/Mile. The goal was 2:20. Race day weather was warm, humid and windy. Even though I did not hit the goal time I am pretty happy with how I ran the race espically with the weather conditions. PRing by 6 minutes almost is not too shabby!!

My previous best time doing this same half marathon was in 2010, I did it in 2:29:16.

The Rock in Roll half marathon I did last fall time was 2:29:25.

I felt pretty good the entire run. The first 4 miles were the easiest, mostly down hill. We go through downtown St. Louis and then run through a great older neighborhood where everyone is having a PJ party cheering on all the runners. Then we run through the Anheuser Busch complex (yes you smell hops from the factory:) ) They even get out a couple of Clydesdales. They sure are pretty horses. We then run back through downtown past our baseball staduim. Then come the hills. After 6 miles there was about 1.5 miles of hills. I was just a little behind pace. I knew I would get a little down hill and then some flat for a couple of miles and I was hoping I could make up some time but then the last 2 miles have some hills. I just could not keep up the 10:20ish pace on the hills.

Usually after I complete a half marathon the sweat has dried on me and basically have salt on my face.....not this time. I was soaking wet after crossing the finish line. Here are some pictures. One is at mile 10, I am in the while shirt towards the back taking my fuel belt off.. My family met me so I could give them my fuel belt, it is always nice to peel that thing off (BUT I was so glad I had it!!) and I swapped out for my hand held bottle for the last 3 miles. The second one is after the race with the family. Notice my older daughter.....she did not want to touch me. And I am not sure why she has on a sweater. I guess for spectators there was some wind....

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouraging words. Not sure what my next goal it. I am probably going to meet with my running coach to figure that out.

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5 comments so far.


5 years ago

Way to go!!!!! Just read this after coming back from England -you are so awesome and such an inspiration. You just keep on improving constantly!




5 years ago

AWESOME job!!! That is a great time especially considering the weather - you are doing SO great. :clap: :rock1: :clap:




5 years ago

PR'd by more than 6 min's Is AWESOME!!
sounds like you felt good the whole race
yummm HOPS :love:




5 years ago

Awesome job! So happy for you!!!!!




5 years ago

Good job on your race!

I can't see your pictures :( Only the small one at the top