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Wednesday, May 2 2012

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Life has just been too crazy busy. Work is insane. I have a crazy workload AND I have a very nasty client that is really messing with my mind. It was so bad I actually drove to the grocery store in the middle of the day to buy some food to binge on. I walked around the grocery store figuring out what I wanted......I ended up buying blackberries and I serving size of this natural chocolate wafer my planned binge ended up being 250 Calories. Even the chocolate wafer thing I got was dark chocloate and only had 9 grams of sugar:)

I think this really shows that healthy eating has become a lifestyle for me. Success!

Now if I could just get that stinkin scale to move. After the half marathon I jumped back up to 224 (sigh). The week after the half marathon I did not binge and eat crazy but I did not log everything. The start to this week has been crazy but I am now taking the time to log my food. I just need to play around with the calories and of course the nutrients to figure out what works for me. Physically I feel great. I just wish the scale would reflect it. I had to take a break from working from the nutrionist. I feel confident that I can use what I have learned and be successfully. I had to purchase a new running plan, I need a new garmin so maybe in a couple months I can touch base with her again.

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5 years ago

Nice job on controlling that binge. :thumbu2: I hear ya on the scale - this distance training can put a wrinkle in stuff for sure. When is your next half? Mine is on May 20th - thankfully that means we are tapering. =D




5 years ago

Way to go on your "binge". I hope things calm down for you soon!




5 years ago

i hate those days when you *need* to binge..i've driven around
in circles trying to talk myself out of it
AWESOME job on curbing your frustrations and finding something to sooth the need for only 250!!!!

I think that the further you get away from binging the
easier it is to NOT do it takes a while to replace old habits with good habits!!:love:




5 years ago

So many positive changes you are making. So great! A controlled binge, half marathon, getting a Garmin (I love mine!).




5 years ago

That is wonderful, that you were able to pick a better choice. That is progress!
I hope work is better for you today and tell your clinet to stick it, lol...




5 years ago

my weight always goes up after a half. I am sure it makes your body kind of freak out a little.

Sounds like you may need to increase your calories to make up for the exercise?

Good for you for keeping your "binge" healthy!!