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Thursday, May 31 2012

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Yesterday, logged all my food, ate a little over 2,000 Calories. The good thing is all the nutrients were all OK but I was only a little over with sugar. I was hungry when I went to bed (or I felt hungry). If I just stuck with 1 serving of frozen yogurt! We love Fro Yo (those places where you can fill your own cup with frozen yogurt) but it is so had to only take a half a cup. I always end up with 2 cups worth. But is was a great evening.

I feel good about logging all of my food still. Still have not stepped on the scale yet, not sure when I will be ready for that.

This morning was my first run after the 5k, I felt great. I always thought more was better, if I run more, run more miles I will get better. I can really see now that is not true. I am so glad I have a running coach. The different running workouts I do have really made a difference.

Works is still very challanging. Funny the CEO asked me if I had a good relationship with one of the people he let go. He wanted ME to call him to see if he would do consulting work for he says "I need people who know what they are doing" So why did we let them all go? It is so confusing. We are all just trying our best. Actually I just sold a 50,000 dollar job! And that job will bring us another 14,000 later this year. This is what makes me sick about everything. I just sold stuff I am not sure we will be able to do now....sigh.

As Dori says "just keep swimming"

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5 years ago

Nice job on the logging girl. :y:




5 years ago

Way to keep up on the logging. I know it makes a huge difference for me, too.

I hope things work out at work. The CEO needs to grow a pair :P




5 years ago

I would be very interested in seeing what kind of a plan you running coach has you on.

Those Froyo places are dangerous!