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Tuesday, Jun 19 2012

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Welll Crap. 228! I did not go crazy in Chicago. I did endulge a little but just 2 meals (I in chicago and just a little for father's day weekend). Overall I had my best eating week ever last week, 5 days out of the week was very good and just 2 meals that were not. I just wish the scale would reflect how good I feel physically. It was a very busy work weekend, then got home Sunday around 6pm. Had dinner with the family for father's day and then boom back to work on Monday and it was very busy.

This week is a big week for me medically. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. Luckily it was found pretty early and the Thyroid Cancer I have is VERY treatable. I will die from something else first. BUT this is the big test year. I will get a body scan to make sure that there are not anymore cancer cells. Even though things should be fine it makes me nervous. Friday is the body scan and I will know results in a couple of weeks.

BUT I did meet with my Radiation Oncologist and told him that I am having a very difficult time losing the weight since my Thyroid was removed. In Theory, with the amount of Synthoid I am taking, it should be easy for me to lose the weight. He is going to test my levels again and see if there are any adjustments he thinks should be made with my medication. I really like him and his has been an awesome doctor.

I also decided that I am going to work with the nutritionist again. I am getting a commission check this week and I am going to put some money that way. I am really getting tired of losing the same freakin 10 pounds. We are emailing each other right now to get started again.

Luckily right now physically I feel very good so it is helping me not get down on myself. It is helping me feel proactive rather than a self pitty. Even though I have not lost any weight yet, I have done a lot of other work that will help me reach my goals.

Other news. Jason has a 3rd interview tomorrow morning. I have been quite about Jason's job search because we have been at this interview stage 3 other times. It would be a great job for him professionally and would bring back a normal schedule again. I do have to say I am proud how we have made his job situtation work. We really have worked together as a team. It hasn't been the easiest BUT we always knew it could be a much worse. We always said, many people don't have 1 job but Jason has 2. Oh, his current boss at his professional position was great. She gave him a GREAT reference., that was so awesome of her.

tonight is speedwork. It is going to be 95 degress today......

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