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Wednesday, Jun 20 2012

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224.25 this mornig.... whew! The 228 from yesterday scared me! Now doing speed work in 95 degrees may be the cause of the drop BUT I hydrated all day yesterday knowing it was going to be warm and hydrated after. Luckily it was not too bad last night. It was not very humid and there was a nice breeze. The workout was a Ladder = 1200/ 1000/ 800/ 400/ 200. The 1200 you run at goal 5k racre page and then you run a little faster for each of the other sets. I pretty much hit all the goal times. I am also handling running in the heat much better than I ever have. There were girls out there that were half my size that usually run faster than me that I passed. Another good measurement for me to know I am not failing because the stupid scale has not moved.

This morning I did another bleacher workout. I went up and down the bleachers 3 times then would do push ups or dips. After that I did some running drills. I think it was a good workout as my legs are still a little shakey:)

Next week, I am meeting with the nutritionist again. I am very excited. I would LOVE to be under 200 pounds for the marathon that I think I will do in October. And I know with the training I will need some help figuring out the calories.

Yesterday was a green check day! 1860 Calories total and All nutrients we great. Sugar I was only over by 6 grams. I am happy about that.

I cannot belive it is already Wednesday. I have to go to the hospital today to take that radioactive iodine pill for the body scan on Friday.

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5 years ago

working out in the heat - you rock!
I hope the body scan goes well!




5 years ago

Way to go on your workout and food yesterday! And I understand exactly how you felt about the high number, I had the same thing on Monday.

One of my goals this week is to make sure I hydrate well. I think that will be quite beneficial!




5 years ago

you are a machine!!