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Wednesday, Jun 27 2012

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Yesterday I met with the nutritionist! I really want to get below 200 pounds and I am tired of this roller coaster ride. Even though I have not lost the weight I have done a lot of work on eating better quality foods, I just need to be consistent with it. I really do want this marathon in October but I really need to lose some weight to make it easier. We mapped out the calorie range I should stick too depending on the type of workout I am doing, it is just what I needed. Just like my running plan, I have a calorie management plan of action.

For days that are lighter workout days she says there really is not a need to eat back the exercise calories as long as I don't go under 1,200 calories. The days that I am doing the tempo runs and long runs she does want me to eat back the exercise calories. She says this will help me keep the calories lower on the lighter or no workout days. So right now I am motivated! My goal is to keep it consistant this week.

Unfortunately yesterday when I stepped on the scale it was back up to 228 but it is a starting point.....again.

Last night was speed work. I did not think the work out would be that bad BUT we did 5 sets of 1000 M @ goal 5K pace. Whew it kicked my butt! I was a little off my goal pace each set by 10-15 seconds but I could not have run it faster. I was so tired when I got home last night. This morning I met my neigbor to do our bleecher was a pretty whimpy workout, I just did not have the energy. But I got up and did something. It was nice the scale is go back down to 226....

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5 years ago

girl take that Bull by the horns!!!
a nutritionist is a good way to get perspective on your
program!! you'll see 199 SOON! :love:




5 years ago

5 X 1000s! Nice job girl - those are brutal!!! Sounds like your nutritionist has a great plan laid out for you. It wasn't until I started working with a good RD that I lost - so keep working and you will see the results you want I have no doubt!




5 years ago

You will get there! No worries. You have a good grip on everything, you are talking with people who will help you with both sides (nutrition and running) I hope it just goes a little faster so you can see the # you want by the race.




5 years ago

You are getting there, you will be under 200 in no time.

What the nutritionist said makes a lot of sense. Sometimes you just need someone to point it out to you. Probably why runners get so freaking hungry and end up gaining weight.




5 years ago

Way to go for getting up and doing something! That's what it's all about. What did she consider a lighter workout?

You will be under 200 I know it! You got this! I am right there with you pushing. Every day just trying to be consistent and getting out there and doing something.




5 years ago

I have been toying with the idea of going to a nutritionist for the accountability. Not sure what I want to do yet or how expensive it would be.