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Friday, June 15th 2012

Yesterday eating was OK. I was good on calories and a little high on sodium and fat. It was a busy morning so I grabbed a few pre packaged things and it is amazing how much more sodium there are in these. Whole wheat bread has a lot more sodium in it too. For breakfast I have started eating wheat berries, steel cut oats, etc for breakfast and it barely puts a dent in the sodium but add a slice of bread and boom 250 grams. I know 1 piece of bread will not prevent me from losing weight BUT yo...

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Thursday, June 14th 2012

Yesterday was an OK eating day for me. I did great at work but when I got home I started to grab sugary carby snacks (cereal). I was pretty tired when I got home and when I am that tired I don't make the best decisions. This is something that I am going to focus on. For some reason right after I get home from work seems to be my weakest part of the day eating wise. I really just want to snack. I did have cut up veggies all ready but I grabbed cereal instead. BUT good thing....I stopped it...

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Wednesday, June 13th 2012

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was only 91 calories over (including exercise calories) and all nutrients we right in the middle of the range excpet for sugar....only 2 grams over. I was super hungry when I got home from work and grabbed too many carby/sugary snacks. But I logged everything right away so I knew what I would have to make for dinner to make up for it. After speed work I ate a greek yogurt with wheat germ, flax seed and 1 tsp of pure maple syrup (and lots of water). This sat...

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Tuesday, June 12th 2012

I call yesterday a success. Eating wise my nutition was great. Sugar, sodium and carbs were in the middle range intead at the high end! Fat was a tiny high but it was mostly the good fats. I was over calories about 250 BUT last night I was so hungry so I had some turkey breast and a little cheese. This morning the scale was very nice to me 226.5. The shorts that I am wearing today did give me a good size muffin top that I had to wear a baggier shirt to cover. This morning just a little mu...

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Monday, June 11th 2012

For some reason a couple times a year I take a break from weighing myself every day for a few weeks and it does not work for me. I am back up to 228 pounds. I can definately tell in my belly area that I was up in weight BUT I don't feel like I am up that much in weight. I don't feel bloated, my running and exercise is going great ( I am running better and faster than I ever have) and just overall I feel good/healthy. In the past when I have lost weight I have really only looked at calories/p...

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