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Tuesday, Jul 10 2012

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My weight was the same as last week.... 225.5. Have to admit just a tiny bit disappointed BUT I did work very hard this week on logging all my food throughout the day, worked on making better food choices and not beating myself up when I ate too much sugar. I think I did much better this week and overall feel pretty good about it. I can also tell that the extra jiggles are going away so that is a good thing.

I am meeting with my running coach on this Thursday to talk about the Fall race schedule and make the final decision about doing the rock n roll marathon on October 21st. I really would like to do the marathon BUT I am getting more nervous about making the commitment because I really want to get the eating down. I know I can do the physical training BUT I really want to get some of this weight off because I know it will help me perform better. I think I am more scared of the commitment to the eating rather than the running and it is making me more emotional this week.

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5 years ago

I actually went up a pound this week. Sounds like we're all going through some struggles right now. You are doing good and what matters is consistency. We'll get there!




5 years ago

Quick note to say HI! Miss talking to you! Hope you are well.




5 years ago

This could have been my post! Although I don't have a marathon in my near future - coming back from an injury and planning on my comeback races to be November half marathons. The BEST thing I can do for my running is lose weight so that is a big motivator for me. A recent Runners World article noted the elite runners work on losing the weight before they start training because it gets more difficult when you are training and needing to fuel. Best Wished on the Marathon - you can do it!