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Monday, Jul 23 2012

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Normal Blog. Life and work has been so busy. Work has been so busy each work day feels like 5 minutes. I have even tried taking a couple days off the past week and I still end up working half the day to keep up with everything.

Homelife is busy as well. My oldest daughter is in the marching band and there is a lot of driving and volunteering. I also have to keep my 10 year old busy swimming and hanging with friends too after I get off work. You could just imagine what my house looks is not pretty.

We also have been trying to move into the master bedroom (it was occupied by my husband's grandmother for almost 11 years but she had to go into a nursing home). It took us 4 weeks just to paint the darn thing because we don't have a lot of time to work on it. Luckily this weekend it is finished and we have the big furniture in and it is nice and cozy. We went bold with a deep red called log cabin and then an almond color for the trim and ceiling.

For my weight management. Unfortunately the past couple of weeks I have been stuck at 226-227. Since the past week was so busy I did not always log as I was eating, it was logging at the end of the day and I know that I did not catch everything that went into my mouth. I think I am better caught up this week with work right and I am making logging a priority.

My workouts have been going well though. I have getting more weight training in and I have been feeling pretty good with my runs, even in this crazy heat. I did meet with my running coach and he pretty much ruled out doing a full marathon this fall. I really think it was the best decision even though I didn't really make it....... His thinking is that I have already proven that I can run a full marathon and he knows the next one I do, I want to have a good shot at doing it under 5 hours. Right now my half marathon time is not quite there for that goal. He says my half marathon time needs to be 2:15-2:20. So that is the goal! Especially with my daughter being in marching band this fall it would be challenging training for a full marathon.

So I have my fall training schedule. I have 2 5ks scheduled (they are in later august and early september so hopefully it will not be so hot!) , 1 10k and a half marathon the first week in October. During our meeting he really emphazed that I need to work more on my strength training - I kind of slacked of strength training the past couple of months. He also gave me some good tips on how to tackle the speed work sessions on the track. Next week we have our last Speed work session it is a 5k on the track and the goal is to have a PR 5k time.

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5 years ago

Hey girl! I've been using this my fit pal app a lot on my phone lately- it's been really helpful. If you get it, you can add me, my name is rjager101




5 years ago

I like the sounds of the new color in the bedroom. Sounds romantic ;)
I think you are doing the right thing with the full and half's. Kick the half's bum and the you know you will rock the full!




5 years ago

I would love a 2:15 half marathon time - but I'm not sure I'm willing to put in the work to get it. :laugh5: As it stands now our next half we are running with someone who is slower than us so it will really be her time on our medal - not that we won't push/encourage a little. ;)




5 years ago

keep at it!!!!!!




5 years ago

That color sounds really pretty for your bedroom. I can't believe you can still run in this heat. Good for you.