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Tuesday, Jul 31 2012

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A little better week than last week. 225 this morning. I know a lot of it was because I just finished my period but it was nice to see a little loss from the 225.5 a couple weeks ago. I will feel good if I can get a loss a second week in a row!

So the training team I do speedwork with also has a training team to help prepare for 3 large events in the St. Louis area so I decided to join the Big River Training Team. I still have a personal training plan with Tim BUT I decided that it would be nice to run long miles with others. Tim was having troubles finding a pace coach for the 12-13 pace group so he asked me if I was interested. I was the pace coach for this group the first time this Sunday and it was a lot of fun. It showed me that boy I really have come a long way even though I have not met my goal weight yet. I saw a couple women that were like me when I was around 270-280 pounds training for my first half and there were other women just trying to get faster (no men in my group yet). They were so great to be around and I think that this might help me not feel the “I am not a real runner.” I have always been the one to be coached, not coach people. Everyone was very complementary and seemed happy after their run. They all ran 4 miles, I had to do 12. So I ran the 4 miles with them. I ran with everyone the faster ones and slower ones. One gal decided to run 1 more mile with me and then I finished the rest on my own. Right now I am very excited and nervous about this new role. I hope it goes well!

The 5k time trial is tonight for the summer speedwork session. The only problem is that it will be 95 degress at 7pm when I have to run....ugg. Tim wants me to try to pace it the way we planned. Please pray for a suprise clouds and rain!!!

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5 years ago

Of course you will make a great pace coach!! It will make thouse long runs so much more tolerable.




5 years ago

You are such an inspiration. A RUNNING COACH!!! How cool is that! I know those women are going to love you coaching them!




5 years ago

Congratulations on the pace group!!!! I love having people to do those long runs with - makes it so much more fun and fulfilling if you ask me. Glad you enjoyed it. :smile1: