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Wednesday, Aug 22 2012

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Like everyone else. Life has been pretty crazy. Here is the email I sent to my nutrionist yesterday. I feel better today in general and stupid I know the scale was 224.5 this morning and this helped my mood. I sure wish that scale would not have that much control over me. I should have the control!


I really don’t have a full day of logged food to share with you. Only entries for part of the day each day.

Last week was the busiest I have had at work and then at home in a while. And then also traveling for work. It was one of those weeks I was in the office at 7:30 and was greeted with 20 emails needing attention, contracts to write with strict deadlines, too many meetings and then racing home each night…..grab a bite and then do all the back to school stuff…..never getting home before 9:00pm.

I am really impressed that I had the energy to get in all my workouts.

I am really chasing my own tail here, 227.5 this morning (just started my period). I am disappointed I have not made much progress on the weight loss front but honestly right now I don’t know if I care. Maybe that is good I don’t care……..I am sure I will care later. Maybe it is more frustration because I have been working so hard on the eating side of things but I still cannot seem to get it together 100% to reach my ultimate goal weight.

Running was better on Sunday. I did the 1 gu and 2-8oz of Gatorade for the 13 mile run. I also ate a little more before the run. I will try it again this week. The only thing is I only have an 8 mile run on Sunday because Saturday I am doing a 5k. So I probably don’t need the gu.

This week I am going to make the time to log my food right when I get into work in the morning if I did not pre log the night before. Right now the best thing I can do is just take it day by day (maybe minute by minute) because I am pretty overwhelmed with all my responsibilities right now. BUT I don’t want to lose focus on my goals because I know I won’t be happy if I don’t accomplish them.

Emily's Reply:

So sorry that everything is so frustrating this last week for you! And, with starting your period today I'm sure also extra emotions went into last week as well! There are just crazy weeks and that is why weight loss (steady) doesn't actually exist. You have to allow for life and go ok... well that was a crappy week but I survived it and will learn from it (journaling right in the morning if you were unable to do it in the evening) and move on.

Don't even stress over it. Move on and go forward.
I'm happy that the 1 gu and 16oz of gatorade did better....

Yes, for 8 miles, I would say either 1 gu and waters or just gatorades.

Good luck on the 5k!!!

So for this week the goal is to get the journals in and of course keep the overall sugar intake down. Keep the food out of the stress because it will not make you feel better in the long run. The E in exercise is for enjoyment! The F in food is for Fuel! Neither or for obsession! That could be your goal sheet this week that you hang up???

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5 years ago

I like your nutritionist - she's good and level. :y: Keep doing the best you can - she's right that sometimes life gets in the way but as long as you are doing what you can you won't have to reclaim old territory. Hang in there. :smile1:




5 years ago

Thanks for sharing! I hope you had a better week this week and get some down time :)




5 years ago

I love your nutritionist! I want to work with her :)
Hugs to you too on a busy schedule, some day we will be back to normal. ha yeah right, lol...




5 years ago

your nutritionist sound awesome