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Tuesday, Aug 28 2012

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This past week was better, not the best but much better. 224 this morning and that weight has been consistent the past 4 days. I am happy it is in the right direction. The Tues, Weds and Thurs were pretty good. Friday I just could not get my mind off of having something sweet (did not have this problem the previous 3 days).

Saturday was the 5K. This race was highway opening celebration and it was hilly! I got a little lost driving to the race and saw the Course and thought “oh no”, There was one huge hill at the beginning (it was nice going down but ending on it was NOT fun).

So it was a big hill at the beginning and the end and then gradual grades up and down in the middle…..I finished in 31:00 – actually I am pretty OK with that time since course was hilly, it was 9PM and humid. I take it as good race experience.

Tim says “if you want a fast time you have to pick a fast course” Not all races post the routes so it is hard to know if it is going to be hilly or not. Anyway it doesn’t really matter. I did fine for what it was.

So I did a 5k (fast for me) got home at 10:30ish and turned around the next morning and ran 8 miles with the training team. I actually felt pretty good doing the 8 miles. I think I was just so excited to do single digits for a change.

Nowmy hubby. Not sure if you remember but last October Jason's professional position was cut to part time. So he works there 8-12 and then is the furniture manager at Big Lots and works a lot of nights and weekends. He has been looking for FT professional position this entire time. He has had a decent amount of interviews, second interviews and third interviews but never gets the position. He weighs about 330 pounds and is only 5"9". I had been thinking this entire time that he really needs to lose the weight and I wonder if his why he is not getting selected. I finally brought it up to his attention (in a very nice way) and he agreed. He knows knows he needs to do something but just can't seem to do anything about it. I told him I would help him in any way. I suggested that he just start by tracking his calories on MFP. The next day he ate oatmeal and an apple. It was a start but did not last long.

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5 years ago

I got my husband to start using MFP too! I think it is at a minimum an awareness creator.

Way to go on your hilly 5k!! You go girl!!




5 years ago

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I hope he is able to stick to the weight loss mentality.