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Tuesday, Sep 18 2012

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Taking the pressure off of eating perfect helped me this past week. I know I still need to address the sweet thing but I need to do it gradually because this week I felt very comfortable (no panic feelings) with the eating. Weight is staying at 225 right now but I will take it as it is not a gain.

I recognize that I still need to change my eating to reach my weight loss goals BUT I am willing to take things slower so this next phase in my nutrition plan will not feel “restrictive” BUT feel “in control.” If you saw the most recent Muppet Movie I think of Animal. In that movie he kepting having to say "in control" in that Animal makes me smile.

Thursday I got crazy sick, a stomach virus hit me hard and fast after lunch so I went home and slept until Friday. I was better on Friday but wow my body felt like it ran a marathon. With that the 12 miles on Sunday was not my best (but it was also pretty humid) run but luckily all the gals wanted to take it nice and slow because a lot of them wanted to do the 12 miles and were nervous about it. These women are going to give me a big head, they continue to give me very nice compliments and I really appreciate it so much. I secretly hope they ask me to be a pace coach again. 3 more weeks until the Mo Cowbell 1/2 Marathon! Oh, just got an email from the owner running store and he said that he would reimburse the pace coaches for the race entry fee and order us a pair of Brooks running shoes for volunteering. Nice!!

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5 years ago

nice deal from the running shoe guy!! :love:

perfection always kills me.:'(
i have always had a hard time balancing my food and energy
i always seem to gain when i'm training :n:
but never looked into a sports nutritionist before to help
maybe next time i will :love:




5 years ago

Sounds like you are an ideal pace coach to me - glad you are feeling better. :smile1:




5 years ago

Mo cowbell, baby! Now I'm going to be stuck a picture of Christopher Walken in my head!!

I still am in awe of you, awesome Lisa!




5 years ago

Lisa - I like your "in control" rather than "restrictive". It's that hurdle of the first couple of wks. I find the hardest - then, it feels more comfortable. Much like running, and everything else. Glad the virus passed quickly. Cheers!




5 years ago

Sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you much better now... Sometimes those bugs like to linger too long.
How nice of the store owner.... That's a great suprise.