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Wednesday, Sep 26 2012

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Whew it has been another busy week and weekend.

Friday right after work was marching band stuff until late at night and then right back at it on Saturday – spent the entire day 11ish AM to 11:30PM at a band competition and only had access to concession food because I did not think to bring my own food BUT also, I just did not have the time so that is OK.

Sunday I was not sure how my 13 mile run was going to go on only 5 hours of sleep and exhaustion setting in….It went surprisingly well. I did not feel tired the entire run, it felt so easy and I felt great the entire time! The weather was perfect! BUT by the time I got home, then taking my daughter to dance and grabbing a few things from Trader Joes for the next couple of days so we would have something to eat it was 5pm and then I hit a wall and couldn’t move.

Then on Monday I had a training appointment with Scott. I was a little worried about the workout because I was still pretty tired. He kicked my but I felt pretty good during the workout BUT here was my text message to him Tuesday Morning:

To Scott “Just so you know when you do 150 lunges [5 sets of 30 lunges and 15 pushups, I do them on my knees] the night before a tempo run you feel your quads on every stride. And then you add the squats with 80+ pounds weights, it makes me have to use the handicapped restroom because I need to use the handrail to sit down! You are lucky I was able to keep my pace”

His response “HAHAHA, it is good for you”

So the exercise is going great! Food is going OK and I am OK about that because it is VERY busy for me right now. I was 225 (did see 223 a couple of times and haven’t seen that number in a while) this morning. I am happy I am not gaining because typically when life has been this busy for me I would usually gain. Right now I am letting the positive exercise carry me through.

I feel a little better about Monday and Tuesday eating, not the best but everything is logged and it is keeping me from overdoing it too much. It will be my goal to continue this logging everything this week. It is another marching band weekend but it won’t be quite as long and my husband does not have to work this weekend so I won’t have to do EVERYTHING for the kids.

This Sunday is my last run before the Cowbell. Tim wants me to focus on the 10:40 pace to get just under 2:20. I think I am feeling pretty good about it.

One question. I updated my profile picture and removed my old one but my old picture is still showing up. Do you know how to get this updated everywhere. Every picture of me is with my hair in a pony tail. I thought facebook and CK should see me with my hair down:)

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5 years ago

by the way i love your new pic too:eyebrows:

you'll get there. doing all the training your doing (IMO) is
really hard to find the mix of calories and train, you have to eat to fuel your runs. and your hunger changes daily depending on
your, train, weather, life is going..
you'll see
I'm pulling for you!!:kiss:




5 years ago

Lovely pic with your hair down!




5 years ago

yep, it's 105 today? this is October right?




5 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new pic.....




5 years ago

I see your new picture. You look really good.

I bet the run kind of felt good, stretching out and breaking up some of that lactic acid.

I think you can smoke 2:20




5 years ago

I see your new picture! Cute :)

I'll bet your legs are sore!




5 years ago

Just hit "refresh" or F5 to see your new photo everywhere. I just did it, and I can see your new profile pic now. Cute!