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Wednesday, Oct 10 2012

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Hello! Here is the race report. Finished 2:23:03, a 16 second PR! Honestly at first I was super bummed about not hitting 2:20. BUT after getting reasonable emails from my running coach and training team members. A PR is s PR you have to take them when you get them. I am finally accepting that and not feeling like I failed. I guess the reason I was so bummed was that I really felt prepared, more prepared than any race I have done and the weather conditions were perfect. I just felt so strong AND I worked damn hard!!!!

The one thing about this course is that it is flat and then around mile 8.5 to 10 it inclines and then there is just a huge hill. It was advertised as a fast course. In my opinion flatter courses are a little harder than if you have some hills.

The morning was like 37 degrees race start, once it was light outside the sun was out and at the end of the race it was probably 45 degrees.

The first half of the race I felt really great. I was keeping a very comfortable 10:35ish pace, breathing was perfect did not feel like I was working hard at all. Around mile 7 you run through one of those Truman show kind of communities (everything looks the same, you are supposed to be able to live, shop, work, church in this community so you don’t have to drive anywhere. It was kind of creepy:) it was just too perfect). As we were running out of this little town I started to feel bad. I decided to walk through a GU break and I ran intervals up the inclines and this worked for a while. Then at mile 9 there was that big hill that I walked up mostly. At mile 10 it was all downhill until the last mile or so it inclined up a little and then finally flat last .25 miles. Those last 2 miles were HARD, I worked every stride. I have not plugged in my Garmin stats yet but I am interested in seeing the data.

Oh, this is funny. I have this problem not matter if it is a 5k, 10k 1/2 soon as I cross the finish line and stop running I pee my pants. My new running shorts are not that aborbant so I was trying really hard to hold it in. This lady at the race was doing her job but thought I was cramping up and told me to go to the first aid station. I told her I was fine. Well she kept following me because I was still walking funny and then she told me again to go to the first aid station. I finally told her that I am just trying not to pee my pants BUT it was too late!

After I got home I felt horrible. I have never felt that bad after a race before. I took a lot of naps and sat on the couch all day. Usually after a half marathon I can go on business as usual.

The best part of the run was coming home to pancakes and eggs waiting for me. My youngest daughter made the breakfast for me. She even made chocolate milk knowing it is the perfect drink after an endurance run.
This weekend the I have to pace the training team for their last run before the St. Louis Rock n Roll ½ and full marathon. I am not running in this race BUT I will be there for the Training Team Tailgate afterwards. I am really excited about watching and volunteering for a race. I have always wanted to do that. I wonder while I am down there if I will get the urge to hop into the race!!!

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5 years ago

Way to go girl!




5 years ago

Woo hoo... You did fantastic...




5 years ago

Congrats on the PR, 16 seconds is huge. It really sounds like a rough course. I hope they got all the finish pictures done before the unfortunate incident :$

I came really close to doing the Saint Louis half but the friend I was going to go with developed a stress fracture in her foot.




5 years ago

Be proud of that PR - you earned it! :thumbu2: The fact that you had such a rough race and still PRed is a double reason to celebrate it - you did great woman! :clap:




5 years ago

Congrats on the PR! :clap: You worked hard and the results show it! And, gf, bladders after babies are never the same :sad3: Pancakes and eggs - that's the best :thumbu2: