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Tuesday, Oct 23 2012

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Yesterday was a great day overall. Had a personal training appointment, it was the first time to do any kind of strength training since the half. I was a little nervouse but I did pretty good.

Nutrition was great yesterday. It was my best nutrition day ever. I was Perfect on Calories. I went 28g over on the carbs and only 1 gram over on the fiber (all based on the ranges the nutritionist gave me) but everything else was green.

The entire day I did not "feel" hungry. At work there were even treats available and I just ingnored it and did not think about it at all.

Today is my daughter Elizabeth's 11th birthday! I cannot believe next year she is going to be in middle school. She had grown up so much in the past year. I am a super lucky Mom because she loves me so much.

So today we went out for breakfast but I already have plans to go out to lunch with a friend and then tonight Elizabeth wants to go to Panera for her birthday dinner. I just finished mapping out my food so the sodium and carbs would not totally kill me today. I skipped out on eating breakfast out to help on the sodium. I planned my lunch at Lion's Choice (a roast beef fast food place). I am going to have the roast beef with a side salad and then for dinner I am going to have 1/2 fugi apple salad. Elizabeth LOVES those cookie cakes and unfortunately I do as well. I could honestly eat an entire cookie cake in 1 day (I wish I could be one of those people who say "this is too rich for me." I also LOVE icing). I already pre entered a slice of cookie cake....I am planning on eating just 1/2 a slice BUT I did enter the whole slice. I just need to remember to eat it nice and slow!!!

Soooo my entire day has been logged and between eating out twice today it is not horrible for a special day and there is no deprivation at all here. Total Calories is 1770 and I will be over on nutrients 9g over on Fat, 17g over on Sodium (eating out twice too, that is good in my book), 26g over on carbs and 26g over on sugar. I am a little low on Protein.

Here is sticking to my plan!

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4 comments so far.


5 years ago

As far as I'm concerned cake is just a vehicle for icing. =D

Great job on your nutrition yesterday - staying that on track is fabulous when you eat two meals out! :y:




5 years ago

I don't undersand those people that claim icing is just too sweet for them. I always ask for a corner piece :$

Hope Elizabeth has a wonderful day!!




5 years ago

I Love Panera!




5 years ago

Good for you! Panera's Asian chicken salad is pretty good as well.