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Wednesday, Oct 24 2012

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I call yesterday a success! I only added one thing to my plan, at Panera I had half of the bread that is served with the salad (I know I could have said I did not want it BUT I wanted it and only ate half and was totally OK with it). It felt great. I had foods I enjoyed and did not feel deprived at all. I actually felt in control! I woke up this morning so happy and ready to do it again.

I konw it has only been 2 days of planning and logging but it is a heck of a lot better than I have been doing. I am going to weight in on Sundays now, right before my long runs. I have not weighed myself since the half marathon. I will weigh myself for the first time this Sunday, I have no idea what the number will be but if I continue what I have been doing the past 2 days I hope I do not see anything over 228.

Here is to another good day!

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5 years ago

Panera is surprisingly high calorie! Glad you were able to plan and enjoy yourself.




5 years ago

That is a wonderful feeling. Good for you! Sunday's weigh in will be a good # don't you worry :)