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Thursday, Oct 25 2012

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Day 3 of logging everything. Yesterday was a great day all day at work eating wise, never felt crazy hungry all day. Even when I got home I was not too hungry. Eating the right food really does help curb hunger. I got home and then there was 1 last piece of that cookie cake. You know I really did not "want" it. I think I just had the last piece because that is what I usually would do BUT I ate it anyway.....I was going to only have 1/2 a piece but ended up having 1 full piece. I did weigh it so I would have a better idea of how many calories I was having.

Still eating that one cookie crazy slice of cookie my stats were not crazy bad- I was only 8g over in fat, 253g over in sodium, 75g over in carbs and only 17g over in Sugar. Of couse my calories were 350-400 over BUT if I would not have been logging my food it would have been a lot worse.

The rest of the night I did not even think about food and that is new for me!!! I always thinking about food one way or another.

This morning I had to do a 4-6 mile easy run, I did 5 miles and felt great the entire time.

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5 years ago

It is so hard for me to even have that stuff in the house. I am such a food hound! There is halloween candy in the house and I have gotten into it, but good for you for being accountable! I'm logging every bit of fun size candy I've been scarfing...I have no one to blame but myself if I am disappointed! Way to go on your run =)