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Tuesday, Oct 30 2012

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Well there is a reason I should weigh myself everyday and not take a break from weighing in.....229 sigh.....

The funny thing is that I don't feel that big, I usually can tell when my weigh gets that high because I am more giggly and have more muffin top.

Also, I have been feeling great on my runs. These next 2 weeks are a pretty easy schedule so I am just running to run, not really thinking about pace and that is nice. On Sunday I had a 6 mile run at an easy pace (11:45 - 12:00 pace). I decide to not look at my garmin much durning the run and just run by how an easy run should feel and my average pace was 11:15 for the entire run. At least the running is still going great.

After 3 days of logging and pretty good eating for some reason I was just like " I don't want to log and I want to eat what I want." It was a busy marching band weekend too. But marching band is over for the seaons so I will have a lot more time on my hands which I really need.

Here is a picture of my daughters at the band competition

Oh Terrie this picture is for you of Elizabeth. I always think of you when she shops:) Just a reminder she is only 11.

I know the eating stems from being stress about life and honestly I have been feeling pretty blue the past 2-3 weeks. The holidays are coming up and I don't get very excited about it, it just involves so much money I and I feel Like I am always having to lower my childrens expectations of how much we can spend on the holidays to have this perfect holiday season. I get to be a bit of a grinch honestly (on the inside, I try very hard to hide it from my daughters). So I know I just need to stick to a food and money budget and I will have more control.

Here it to fighting and not giving up!!!!

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5 years ago

Your girls are adorable - you must be one proud mom. :smile1:




5 years ago

your girls are cuties :love:
i feel the same about the holidays 2 of my brothers and I are
pretty low budget.. my sister how ever is well, she over
does it because we don't have the cool things.....there are so many things out there than cool things $6000 dollar she just got is not something i want and don't miss..*sigh* i always feel not enough at Christmas.. but, i just focus on Mitch and my mom and dad.....the 3 people i want them to know they are my life :)




5 years ago

I am right there with you, but you are right, we got to keep working towards what we want. Your girls are adorable!