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Friday, Nov 9 2012

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Things are trending down which is nice to see 227 this morning (227.75 yesterday. Eating was OK yesterday). I bought a Rotissery chicken on my way home and had a salad and a little bit of good bread. I was very satisfied and did not feel the need to snack at all last night. Now that I am running more miles I have be careful how I fuel myself. I usually have to eat a little more especially on a 6 mile run, which I had to do this morning but it felt great.

I have a 6 mile run to do this weekend and I am going to a cross fit gym with one of my friends on Sunday, it is bring a friend day. I am a little nervouse about this one.

It should be a nice and relaxing weekend for us. I am excited there is nothing on the calendar and my husband has the weekend off. We are just going to spend the day together as a family. Often Jason has to work on the weekend OR we are just splitting up and going here and there so it will be great to have a family day!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan on being on CK over the weekend to log my food!

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5 years ago

How did you like the cross fit gym? One of my friends is really into that and loves it. It seems pretty bad ass!




5 years ago

I totally know what you mean about being careful with fuel when you have the longer runs. :tongue10:

You'll do great at Cross-Fit I'm sure. Besides it's always good to throw a curve ball at the body once in a while.

Have a great weekend!