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Monday, Nov 26 2012

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Here I am again. Did not keep my promise to myself to log everything. I had a nice Thanksgiving break. I had 4 days off from work and I got to hang with my daughters. Unfortunately my husband had to work all 4 days BUT luckily he got off early and we got to relax together in the evenings.

I did do a 3 mile turkey trot. My time was 30:26, I am not too upset about this time at all because this race was CROWDED! I could not have run faster if I tried. There were 4,000 people registered. The race was in a cute historic neighborhood and most streets were narrow. It was just wall to wall people. There was this one guy running with a stroller weaving around people, knocking over cones, it just was not necessary to do that. There was one section that was on a 4 lane road, one side was for runners and the other site was for cars. There was no way a car could go by....there were just too many people and they could not fit on one side of the street. I think they might need to reconsider the route and also shut down the roads for this turkey trot. The good news is that I was not running at my full effort so I know I could have gone faster. The one thing this race did for me was give me a little more motivation to focuse on weight training and nutrition. I am signed up for this frost bite series. There is a long series and a short series. I am going to do the short series. It is a 2k, 2 mile, 5k and then a 4 mile I think. It starts in about 3 weeks. I also have 7/8 weeks before the next training team starts so I can get a head start on getting into shape for that.

Oh, I did try that cross fit gym. Unfortunately the "bring a friend day" I went to the work out was: run 10 miles and between each mile you had to do 15 burpee pull up things." So my thought is what the heck kind of workout is that to do on bring a friend day! I already did my long run the day before, running 10 miles I can do BUT I was looking for a different kind of workout than just running. I was so disappointed. I know that I should go on a different day but the instructor just really turned me off and honestly it is just too far away from my house to be worth it to try it again. They did not do any kind of basic instruction on how things work at this gym and it really suprised me. They had this warm up to do before the running started and one of the things was to Turn over this huge tire 2 times. No one showed me how to do it. I was not about to break my back training to do an exercise that I was never trained to do. The instructor never introduced himself to me until after the workout was over. I did tell him what I tought but he really did not seem to care.

The most important thing today is I now have a 15 year old!!! I cannot believe Clara is 15!!! I am so lucky, she is a great daughter.

This is going to be a great week eating wise! I am going to do it!! It is time!!!!

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5 years ago

I'm with you - that gym does not sound like a good place to go. People could seriously hurt themselves! Great job on the crowded 5k time. :y:




5 years ago

Happy birthday to Clara.

I totally agree with you on the crossfit gym. You would think they would want to do something that shows a variety.