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Wednesday, Nov 28 2012

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Yesterday was a better day. For the cake, I could not throw it away because it was Clara's. Last night Clara had a piece and I asked for one bite and that was it! YEAH.

Another food victory yesterday. At work they brought in Christmas cookies because they were decorating the office X-mas tree. They were just those grocery store sugar cookies with the green and red sprinkles. Definately not worth it. I did not eat one! I didn't even go to the kitchen to look at them.

This morning we got some brownies from a vendor. They are really good and guess what they are all gone and I did not eat one of them. Even though someone was trying to tempt me by reading off the types - turtle brownie, Pecan brownie, etc. I just put fingers in my ear and said "la, la, la, I can't hear you."

Yesterday overall food wise was much better. I had the running workout in the morning and then a PT appointment in the afternoon and I ate 2,000 calories. Not great, but, with the exercise not bad, I was hungry. I have not let myself feel hungry in a while. The nutrients were not that bad. The fat ended up crazy high because of too many nuts and the ribeye my husband made on the grill (yum!) but everything else was not that bad.

Today is going to so far!!

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5 years ago





5 years ago

what kind of sadistic bastard goes all forest gump with the brownies when you said no?

Glad you got rid of the cake.




5 years ago

Nice job with the cookie/brownie resisting you did! I am a total sucker for those store bought sugar cookies - it's the xmas nut in me! - so that makes it doubly impressive. :y: