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Monday, November 19th 2012

Whew. Work was super crazy last week.......worked long hours. This weekend I worked a craft fair all weekend to help earn money for my daughter's Florida trip. I did not log one piece of food last week! Ugh. Goal this week to log everything and stay positive and not lose sight of my goals!

Friday, November 9th 2012

Things are trending down which is nice to see 227 this morning (227.75 yesterday. Eating was OK yesterday). I bought a Rotissery chicken on my way home and had a salad and a little bit of good bread. I was very satisfied and did not feel the need to snack at all last night. Now that I am running more miles I have be careful how I fuel myself. I usually have to eat a little more especially on a 6 mile run, which I had to do this morning but it felt great.

I have a 6 mile run to do thi...

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Thursday, November 8th 2012

I give yesterday's eating a C. I wanted to snack on everything yesterday, I was in a very munchy mood. The good thing is that I logged as I ate and it stopped me from going crazy over, just a little over. Yesterday work was stressful and this was probably the main trigger and it is also almost that time of the month for me which makes it a little worse.

Still at 227.75, Glad to maintain. Hopefully for the week I will see a 1-2 pound loss. Slow and steady is my motto right now. I jus...

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Tuesday, November 6th 2012

228 (actually 227.75) whew that is much better than 232. Yesterday was a good nutrition day. I logged everything, stayed in calorie range and nutrition ranges were great! I was 4grams under protien but I still call it a win. It also included 2 fun size candy bars but the were logged right away.

I was not physically hungry all day. Now emotionally I always had the urge to grab something to eat but everytime I had the urge I told myself "no, I am not hungry." This will be my ...

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Monday, November 5th 2012

Weight is not good at all 232!!! Highest I have been in a long time. Funny, running is still going great and I just don't feel that big.

I am not going to make any big statements about losing a certain amount of weight by a certain amount of time. I will only end up disappointing myself. Right now I can only focus on each day. My goal each day right now will be to log everything that goes into my mouth and weight every morning.

This weekend was busy. We had Elizabeth's 11th b...

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