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Wednesday, Dec 5 2012

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Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. Nutrition wise I was just under 2,000 calories and nutrition wise I did OK - carbs were over by 30g, fat was way too high because of the brownie I ate BUT sugar was only 2 grams over. The good thing was that the brownie was totally planned and slowly savored. I really wanted something cakey and chocolately and I knew a tiny piece would not satisfy me. I had that size of brownie I wanted and when I was done and I felt great, no guilt beacuse I knew the rest of my day was well balanced and I did not over indulge.

Jason only had to work 1 job yesterday and when I got home he made a healthy meal. He smoked a chicken, made a salad and created a side dish with brown rice and black beans. It was great. Usually he cooks more fattening meals but he is really trying to eat healthier and it was great having someone else make a healthy mean. So I got home did my speed work, ate and we watched Elf together as a family. It was a nice evening.

Yesterday on the forums there was another thread about weighing in daily vs once a week. I had been a believer of daily BUT I started to recognize that when the scale dips down a little bit I use this as information to give myself permissions to eat more. So, I think I am going to try weighin in once a week so that I am more focused on nutrition and working on making healthy eating more intuitive rather than letting the scale help pursaude on how to each and set my mood. My goal is to no longer just lose weight but really conquer my relationship with food.....I know sounds corny but it is true.

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5 years ago

I don't think that sounds corny at all! No matter what the number, if there's still something psychological going on, you'll never feel entirely better.

So happy your hubs is getting on board the healthy train with ya =)