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Friday, Jan 18 2013

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It is Friday!!!!

Nutrition and Exercise:

Exericse is good. Yesterday I had to do a 2 mile warm up, 5 mile tempo run and then a 2 mile cool down jog. Because of the puppies I did this during lunch (I went in early and left late to account for my 2 hour lunch). The run went great. I was running at this large park where there are lots of runners. I was running next to this tiny running looking gal and she asked if I wanted company. I said sure and told her my goal pace, this was my faster pace and her comfortable pace. Luckily she did a lot of the talking and I was able to answer with 6 words of less:) I just love runners they are so nice. I did the tempo run in 53:54, better than my last one. I just need to save another minute off and I will be at goal.

Nutrition is getting much better, especially the emotional side of things. Wednesday I was super hungry. I was getting the munchies and was able to control it pretty good. Then my younger daughter made this desert. Basically you take a small pretzel put a rolo on top of it, heat it in the oven for 5 minutes and then press a pecan on top while it easy way to make a turtle. They were good (300 calories later). Carbs and sugar add up fast! That is OK. Yesterday I was STARVING and my run and I ate 2,200 calories which I needed but we were busy last night and I ate 4 peices of just your basic frozen pizza. Hopefully everything will even out with better nutrition the next couple of days.

Last night we registered my "baby" for middle school. I cannot believe that I will not have a child in elementary school after this year.

Tomorrow the puppies will go to the adoption event. I do hope they get adopted because I need a break. Hopefully they will get a good home. At least we have a much better routine now.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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5 years ago

Great job on the tempo run! I agree - runners are some of the nicest and most supportive people if you ask me. Probably because they are the ones who "get" what we are going through on our runs. =D




5 years ago

What a run! Tomorrow is my long run I am nervous! I hope the pups find great homes :)




5 years ago

Wow, epic run!! It is hard for me to meet up and run with people I don't know because I am known to break out into song along with with my ipod to help with my breathing. I call it running karaoke :laugh5: is isn't pretty.

Good luck to the puppies. I hope they get a home where they are spoiled rotten. Does the rescue you work with do house checks?