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Monday, Jan 21 2013

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Overall the weekend was pretty good.

Saturday I went to a body sculpting class. It was a nice class...not to hard but felt good on the muscles.

We took our 3 puppies to the adoption event. 1 was adopted, it was our favorite one. As my husband says "if we had an open dog slot, we would have adopted Lily." I will tell you what it was hard to let her go. The good thing is that they do a home visit so we can feel comfortable that she is going to a good home. So now we only have 2 babies. Between our puppy routine and now only having 2 puppies it is so much less stressful. They are such smart little girls and will make a great pet for someone. They are sure getting a lot of love in our house. Our non-foster dogs are feeling better too because we have a better balance.

Saturday was training team. I had to do 11 miles. Most of the group did 4 miles, I told them when we got to mile 2 and they turned around. 2 gals did 7 miles and then there were 2 more that were doing 10 miles (they are doing the Disney Princess half coming up in February) I was able to help everyone get their miles in. Overall a good run.

I lost 1.25 pounds. The best part is that I was PMSing and didn't even know it. Usually before I start my period I have all the classic symtoms bloating, cravings, usually gain a little weight, etc. This time I did not even realize it was that time and I lost a pound and a little. Good nutrition does make a difference.

Here is to another good week!

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5 years ago

sounds like a great week to me! :y:




5 years ago

Woohoo on your lose and 11 miles! I wish we could run together because I could have used the motivation =)