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Tuesday, Jan 22 2013

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Yesteday was a pretty good day overall. Nice quite day at work because all our customers were off work. Yesterday was a rest day for me workout wise, only workout was to play with puppies and my dogs:)

Calories wise I was OK but nutrients were way off....

I can tell I am deflating a little. Slow progress but progress, I will take it!

This morning I decided to move my run to tomorrow morning. It was just too cold sounding, it was 15 degrees. Tonight is personal training.

My daughter is signed up for her first 5k! It will be om March 2. I printed off a nice couch to 5k program. A lot of walk/run. Clara looked at the schedule and said "I can do this." Signing up for the 5K really has motivated her to keep up with her workouts. She is so stressed with school right now I hope that is helps with that as well. I told her it does not matter if she runs that whole thing or not. She can walk/run whatever she would like. My best friend Carmen is going to do it too. This will be her second one but it has been about 3 years since her last one. She kept saying she wanted to train for a 5K but would never commit. I told her the best way to do it was to just sign up so we did.

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5 years ago

Yay for your daughter! I think that's great advice you gave her and she has you to look up to as a great example. :smile1:




5 years ago

Congrats on deflation I am looking forward to that too =) So exciting about your daughter's first 5k!




5 years ago

Hi there... Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me the "welcome back" message. That was so nice to get! Scary getting started back again. I gained back almost all I lost. But the important thing is to keep trying, right! You have done really well! Good for you for helping your daughter with the 5k. That's's a great thing...are you doing it together?




5 years ago

way to lead by example!!

Maybe if I hadn't had so many problems with hot trainer I would be more likely to return to training? I'm afraid I will really hurt myself if I try it on my own.