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Wednesday, Jan 23 2013

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Yesterday was a pretty good day for nutrition and exercise. I got a green check for calories and my nutrients were much better!!! If I went over it was only by 2-4 grams. I am also happy about my emotions with the eating and exercise. Eating wise I am feeling good about my choices, no deprivation feelings........ I am not perfect but I am focused on my goal and it is helping me to make better choices.

Last night I worked out with my PT. Right now the workouts are perfect. They are a little challenging but not crazy challenging. It makes me want to do the weight training and not shy away with from it. I could be pushed a little more but I just don't want that right now. My running training plan is pretty hard and I don't want to burn out on exercise. Thursday I am going to try my trainers Pi-Yo Class, it will be something different.

The puppies are doing great! They are 8 weeks old and have not pooped in the Kennel for 3 days. I am telling you these are some SMART girls. I do have to say we do have a very good routine for them. If the person who adopts them keeps up with the same routine they will have great success with potty training them.

I am worried about my 15 year old daugher Clara. She is such a sweet and caring girl. She has a serious learning disability and has to work crazy hard in school. Every teacher loves her because they see how hard she works. She has been struggling with her English teacher. This English (they call it communication arts now. it is a reading and writing combo class) class is for kids who need extra help BUT they are terrible. They make Clara feel stupid. She does not have any problems with her other teachers. Last semester we had a meeting with her counseler, case manager and the principle to discuss the issues with the teacher. They said they would talk to the teachers but things have not gotten better and Clara is miserable and she is becoming more and more withdrawn. I am trying to give her space yet tell her I am there for her. Jason and I have decided we cannot wait anymore and have requested that she get removed from this class immeditately. I hope this goes well!

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5 years ago

Oh so sorry for your daughter. I know you are doing the right thing and I hope it goes well.

I hope your Pi-yo class went well...

awe the puppies are so cute (saw their pics on line) I am glad you are having a good time with them.




5 years ago

I'm so sorry for your daugther... Her confidence is so vulnerable at that age and the teacher should realize that. No child should ever be made to feel that way. I hope she realizes how great she is! I'm glad her other teachers are good.

Way to go on your work outs and green checks! It's raining like crazy in CA today but I'm still gonna try to get my 4 miles in =)




5 years ago

I'm sorry Clara got a sucky teacher. I don't think they left you much of a choice but to have her pulled. It makes you wonder how many other kids feel the same way but don't feel comfortable talking about it.

Are the puppies border collie mixes? They sound like some smart girls, spending time with them helps so much but it will make it hard to let them go!!

Funny how much better you feel about yourself when you eat well. But sometimes you just can't resist the cake :cross2:

Thanks for the compliment on my running pace. I don't think I will be happy until I get moved up from the slowest running group. If I keep it up I will be able to move to the 12:00 pace group!! I so want a sub-3 half but I panic every time for some reason.




5 years ago

I'm sorry about Clara's teacher - that's just not okay to treat any kid as if they are stupid. Ever. I hope the next teacher appreciates her for what she is and the effort she puts in.

Oh by the way - the weight training makes all the difference in the world - and helps the running a ton. At least it did with me. When I stopped seeing my trainer I could feel the difference immediately. Keep up the great work!