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Monday, Jan 28 2013

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Well my weekend did not go as planned.

Saturday I had a 4 mile race to do. It is a part of this winter race series I am doing. I got ready to do the race the night before and the next morning I woke up and just laid in bed and did not go. I did not go to the race....I just skipped it. That is so unlike me.

Then on Sunday we were supposed to have training team, well it got cancelled because of the freezing rain BUT later in the afternoon the freezing rain stopped and it got around 45 degrees and there was no ice in site......did I do my long run? NOPE. I stayed home all day and just took little cat naps all day and then around 7pm went to bed for the night. I did not think that I was sick or anything but I could not get myself to do anything!!!!

That is the first time I intentionally skipped a race AND a long run. I feel OK now so I am really hoping I was just sick and did not realize it. I hope that I am not getting burned out. I don't think I am. My plan is just to stick to my workouts for the week and hope that this weekend was a fluke.

We still have 2 puppies. Everyone was very suprised not one of the puppies were adopted this past weekend. There are 6 puppies from the litter left. They said one person was really interested in our girl Lucy and they will probably adopt her next weekend. Hopefully we can find them their forever home!

Here is to a good week. Crazy weather we are having yesterday it started in the 20s and today it is supposed to be around 68 degress.....

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5 years ago

Sometimes you just need to not run on a weekend. You are probably just having a weekend where your body just wasn't feeling it - and freezing rain isn't exactly enticing now is it?

You'll be back at in this weekend I am sure. :)




5 years ago

Sounds like your body was trying to tell you something. Glad you listened




5 years ago

I'm glad I don't live near you or I would be coming over to look at those puppies, and that is the last thing I need.

Even if you weren't sick, you were obviously tired. Maybe you just needed a couple of mental health days.