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Wednesday, Jan 30 2013

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Yesterday ended up being pretty good.

Had a PT with new trainer last night and it is going well, I think Georgette is really going to help me reach my goals. We are building a good relationship. My daughters came to the gym with me last night and worked out as well. I love that we are going as a family. Now if I could just get my hubby to join me!

Nutrition was pretty good. 2 workouts=hungry. I had to eat back some exercise calories last night. I gave myself about an hour after eating dinner and I was truly hungry. My body must of liked that because the scale (even after a running workout and weight training workout) showed another loss 232! I know that is not fat but what I think it is telling me right now is that I am fueling correctly and did not have water retention from the strength training. We will see how the Sunday official weigh in goes but I know I am feeling much better! That muffin top is getting smaller:)

I am really like doing the loggin on my cell phone, I should have done this long ago.

Clara had a great day in her new English class. She said the teachers were great and she feels it will be a good fit.....whew....right now it is looking good!

So I signed up Clara and my friend Carmen for that 5K. Carmen called me this morning and said "what did you do to me? Yesterday I WANTED to run so bad, I never wanted to run before." That is so awesome. I told her, sorry I forgot to tell you it is addicting. Just wait until you run the will want to do another one:)

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3 comments so far.


5 years ago

Wow, I wish I could get into running. I have no lung capacity and my hips are shot!




5 years ago

Good for the girls!! You are such a good example for them.

Running is a drug.




5 years ago

Awesome about Clara... I hope it continues to be a good fit...

The 5k will be fun with the 3 of you...

Yeah on the loss.... And glad you are liking your PT... Have the girls pester dad to go ;)