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Tuesday, January 22nd 2013

Yesteday was a pretty good day overall. Nice quite day at work because all our customers were off work. Yesterday was a rest day for me workout wise, only workout was to play with puppies and my dogs:)

Calories wise I was OK but nutrients were way off....

I can tell I am deflating a little. Slow progress but progress, I will take it!

This morning I decided to move my run to tomorrow morning. It was just too cold sounding, it was 15 degrees. Tonight is personal training.


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Monday, January 21st 2013

Overall the weekend was pretty good.

Saturday I went to a body sculpting class. It was a nice class...not to hard but felt good on the muscles.

We took our 3 puppies to the adoption event. 1 was adopted, it was our favorite one. As my husband says "if we had an open dog slot, we would have adopted Lily." I will tell you what it was hard to let her go. The good thing is that they do a home visit so we can feel comfortable that she is going to a good home. So now we only h...

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Friday, January 18th 2013

It is Friday!!!!

Nutrition and Exercise:

Exericse is good. Yesterday I had to do a 2 mile warm up, 5 mile tempo run and then a 2 mile cool down jog. Because of the puppies I did this during lunch (I went in early and left late to account for my 2 hour lunch). The run went great. I was running at this large park where there are lots of runners. I was running next to this tiny running looking gal and she asked if I wanted company. I said sure and told her my goal pace, this was my ...

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Wednesday, January 16th 2013

Last night was much better with the puppies. We had to move them out of our living space. We put them in the spare bedroom. This way we could take them out exercise them, feed them, potty them and then put them back in their kennel and then they were satisted to take a nap. This gave us our space back and now the animals that are not fosters can hang with us again. This will work out much better.

Had a great workout with PT. Why do they like burpees so much? Whew I can run 10 miles...

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Tuesday, January 15th 2013

Did a great job with eating yesterday! Stayed in Calorie Range and the nutrient range!!! I did not have to put so much emotional energy into making good choices. Good thing because those puppies were CRAZY last night. I picked them up from the vet and I thought they would be groggy.....NOPE.....they were nuts. We let them run around to burn off the energry but we could not get them to settle down. They were crazy this morning again. Hopefully things will be a little back to normal this ev...

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