SAXONHARP's Feb 2013 CalorieKing Blog

Wednesday, February 20th 2013

Yesterday was a good day workout wise and nutrition wise.

Yesterday I did a 3ish mile run @ easy pace. Did I mention ALL my workouts are at easy pace this week! :) Then in the afternoon I had my workout with PT. It was a good workout. I did those jump squats using the bosu ball....whew talk about heart rate and today I am having a difficult time sitting down:) My daugthers came with me to the gym again:)

Eating, I logged all my food. I was at 1800 calories after dinner and I just kne...

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Tuesday, February 19th 2013

Well the past week and a half I have attempted to type a blog several times! Work has been insanely busy and by the time I get home I really don't want much computer time and my mind is mush and then it is difficult to compose several sentences together.

A summary of how things have been going.

Nutrition is OK. Honestly I have not been good about logging all my food the past week and a half. It is OK, I am back on it now. I have 1 month until the St. Pat's 5 mile run and I want t...

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Monday, February 4th 2013

Another puppy was adopted! All puppies were adopted from this litter except for our girl Liza. Hopefully next weekend she will find her forever home. With just 1 puppy it is easier to have her in the "general community." Our non foster babies are getting used to having a puppy around them more often.

On Saturday I would normally do a fitness class in the morning but a friend of mine (the one who I signed up for the5K) wanted me to review her meal logs because she had stopped lo...

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Friday, February 1st 2013

Yesterday's eating was not good. I was pretty hungry after that temp run. I did great until I left from work. I had to work late and did not get home until 7pm and the girls wanted to go out to eat. They just put in a Wendy's close to home. I know they have healthier options but I really wanted a hamburger. You know what, I cannot find a fast food hamburger that is really worth the calories and fat but had not had a Wendy's burger in a long time and it was not worth it to me either. I did...

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