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Friday, Feb 1 2013

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Yesterday's eating was not good. I was pretty hungry after that temp run. I did great until I left from work. I had to work late and did not get home until 7pm and the girls wanted to go out to eat. They just put in a Wendy's close to home. I know they have healthier options but I really wanted a hamburger. You know what, I cannot find a fast food hamburger that is really worth the calories and fat but had not had a Wendy's burger in a long time and it was not worth it to me either. I did eat the burger and only 1/4 of the fries, they were not that great. I did get a mini frosty but did not eat it all. I was happy I was able to stop eating something that was not worth the calories. I did go crazy over my calories but I am OK with that since I had so many other good days.

Today is shaping up to be a good day! It was 10 degress this morning so I did my 6 mile easy run during my lunch time. I am lucky to have a flexible job so I can do this. It was a great run, I just felt good the entire time and afterwards I just felt wonderful. I am so glad, because I was worried there that I was losing the loving feeling about running but I think I am OK. I naturally just had a faster pace today, it was an 11:20 average pace when it was supposed to be 11:45-12:00. I just went by feel and went with it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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5 years ago

Way to go on your run! You know what is so funny? I got home Friday night from Texas and... stopped at Wendy's! Looks like we were both craving that stuff!




5 years ago

Sounds like you didn't let your hamburger escapade get you down. That's wonderful. Also had a great run and many good days. High five! Best, Cheryl55



5 years ago

WOW..6 miles at that pace is amazing..and even more impressive is that you did it outside..WOW..
I'm so in awe right ROCK.:clap:

by SOMARA627



5 years ago

I love Wendy's apple pecan chicken salad... yummmm




5 years ago

funny how fast you are when it it cold outside, :wink3: The faster you get done, the faster you can go inside!

I am sure the damage from the Wendy's burger was minor. Since I had my lap band surgery I can't eat fast food burgers at all, maybe something to do with the fillers?