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Tuesday, Feb 19 2013

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Well the past week and a half I have attempted to type a blog several times! Work has been insanely busy and by the time I get home I really don't want much computer time and my mind is mush and then it is difficult to compose several sentences together.

A summary of how things have been going.

Nutrition is OK. Honestly I have not been good about logging all my food the past week and a half. It is OK, I am back on it now. I have 1 month until the St. Pat's 5 mile run and I want to get as close to 50 minutes as possible, last year I ran it in 50:29. Then 6 weeks until the half marathon. If I can stay on track with my calories it will help me so much to meet my running goals.

I did have to change my mindset about racing. I was really starting to freak myself out with running. Crazy thoughts running in my head how I can't run faster because I have not lost the weight I wanted to yet. I just changed my mindset and told myself I do not have to do the half marathon, I did not have to pay for the race entry fee because I am a pace coach, so I gave myself permission to just do training team and not race the half marathon. I know it sounds crazy but it really helped me take the pressure off.

On Feburary 9th I ran that 4 mile truffle shuffle. The goal was to get as close to 40 minutes as possible. I just told myself that time really doesn't matter, if I felt good during the race I would go for it but if I just didn't feel it that I would just enjoy the race without worrying abou time. Well, it seems to have worked because I did it in 40:02! Last year I did it in 40:15. I was so happy that I go my racing mojo back and I felt good the entire race. The last .25 miles there was a husband telling his wife they could break 40 minutes. I heard that and ran as fast as I close to seeing 35:59!!!! It didn't matter, I was just so happy I felt food in a race again and got in a PR too:)

Last weeks running was a lot of faster running, pick-ups, tempo running and then 6 mile pace run at half marathon pace. Here is my workout recap from last week. I need to add another day of weight training for the future, but it was a great week of running for me.

Monday: OFF
Tuesday: 5 miles with 90 sec pick ups. Actually ran 5.73 miles 1:09:19. I did the pick-ups during 4 miles and the last 2 miles I ran with a friend at a slower pace (felt good)
Tuesday PM: Personal Trainer
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 2 mile warm up. 1st 2 mile tempo run = 21:12 (felt OK), 2nd 2 mile tempo run=20:40 (felt great during this set) then 1 mile cool down
Friday: 3.28 miles @ Easy
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: 6 miles at Half Marathon Pace – 1:03:22 (10:33 average pace) – felt pretty good my goal pace was 10:40!!!!

This weeks running is a lot easier. They are all easy runs and only a 8 mile long run this Sunday! I am going to enjoy every minute of it!!!!

We finally adopted our last puppy, Liza. It was bittersweet. She was becoming apart of our family and she was just a good dog. My youngest daughter is having a very hard time with her being gone and I am suprised how much I miss her. My heart does ache when I see the empty kennel. When I am close to work I get excited to see her and then I remember she is now with her forever family. We did enjoy being a foster family and being apart of this rescue group. We will do it again but we are going to give ourselves a little break.

I miss reading everyones blogs so I am going to try to catch up during my lunch break.


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5 years ago

Fantastic mind set for running. I am so glad you are in a good place right now. And WTG on your times and workout schedule.
I am with you on the food logging, I have been bad bad bad.
I don't know how you let those puppies go. I don't think my heart could handle it :)




5 years ago

Lisa you are such an inspiration! I hope my tempo runs get to that point where I just feel good doing them. My guess is things will get better when I can do them outside after daylight savings starts.

I hear you on the food and the logging. Aside from one eff it day last week I've been spot on with the logging and the eating. I know my body and it's adjusting to the new activity levels and getting away from marathon training eating. Once it settles down it will be okay. Trouble is - I am a horribly impatient girl. =D