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Wednesday, Feb 20 2013

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Yesterday was a good day workout wise and nutrition wise.

Yesterday I did a 3ish mile run @ easy pace. Did I mention ALL my workouts are at easy pace this week! :) Then in the afternoon I had my workout with PT. It was a good workout. I did those jump squats using the bosu ball....whew talk about heart rate and today I am having a difficult time sitting down:) My daugthers came with me to the gym again:)

Eating, I logged all my food. I was at 1800 calories after dinner and I just knew I was going to be hungry. It is that time of the month and with a big PT workout, I am always extra hungry. I was a good girl and waited 2 hours after dinner but I was truly hungry so I made oatmeal. It was the best to curb my hunger because it was nice and warm with 10 almonds. My calories were at 2,000 but I think I needed them. Even after the oatmeal and almonds I was still a little hungry.

This morning I had to do a 5 mile easy run (actually tomorrow would be my running day but we are expecting a storm with sleet and freezing rain tomorrow, so I switch my running days). It was a tough run in the beginning. I felt my gluts and hamstrings from the workout on every stride and the first couple miles is mostly up hills and inclines. But once I hit mile 2.5 I got into a good groove. Feels good to get my run done for the day AND last night I made meat loaf (It is a good WW recipe) so all I have to do it pop it into the oven and we can have a chill evening with a healthy comfort meal:)

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5 years ago

i love how your so in tune with the body's needs!!!




5 years ago

Sounds like the PT really worked you over... Hope you can sit better today ;)




5 years ago

Nice job on the run and the food. I think it's smart to feed your body when you are truly hungry - as you definitely seemed to be. I swear if I ignore mine it comes back to bite me big time later.

Enjoy the evening!




5 years ago

You are rocking it out. So glad the girls are still going with you to the gym. I am sure that makes you feel great.




5 years ago

Wow girl you have everything on track! Your pace is amazing! I want to get close to the 10 min/mile pace some day =)