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Monday, Mar 4 2013

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Yet again, I opened up CK to post a blog several times last week.

Work is busy as usually but I had to leave early 3 times last week for school conference for my daughters. I am a lucky Mom to have daughters who want to do well in school and hear great things from their teachers. It makes me choke up.

Running has been pretty decent. Even with all our crazy weather with rain and snow (and still a lot of icy/snowy side walks) last week I was able to get all my runs in. One I am most proud of was the 6 mile run I had to do at 1/2 marathon goal pace which is 10:40 for me. It was last Tuesday and it was raining when I got up in the morning. It finally clear up during the day but I was so busy at work I could not leave to get it in. I left a little early for Elizabeth's school conference. After the conferene it was about 4:15pm and it started to drizzle. I went ahead and and threw on my running clothes and ran the 6 mile and hit the 10:40 average pace on the dot. I was pretty happy about this because I was exhausted from the day when I started the run. I just told myself this is what it will be like the last 6 miles of the race. I fought through and did it.

This past Saturday I helped one of my best friends run her second 5K. The last one she did was in 2008 and I help her run that one too. Her time in 2008 was 42:33. This year she has started working out with a personal trainer and has lost 10 pounds. She is in the best shape she has been in, in a while. She said that it took her 40 minutes to run 3 miles during her training runs. I knew that I could get her to break 40 minutes. She really wanted to run at a 12 pace but I was not sure if she could do that. My plan was to get her between 36-38 minutes depending how she felt during the run. She crossed the finish line 37:56!!!! She was very nervous but she stayed right with me. She even ran the second half faster than the first half:) I had her running the last .25 mile at a 10ish pace and she kept up with me, she could see the finish line so she was motivated. I was so proud of her and it was a great eperience. She has known me my whole entire life so I don't have to explain anything to her she knows my entire back ground, it wonderful to have that kind of friend.

Since she has been living this healthy lifestyle I have been able to talk to her a lot about my weight loss stuggles and having someone to talk with about it on a regular basis has been wonderful.

More running....... This past weekend with training team I had to do 12 miles but the majority of my group were doing 10 miles. It was so much fun because it was everyones first time doing 10 miles, they were so excited and happy afterwards, I clearly remember how thrilled I was when I first ran double digits miles. To even make the weekend better I go my free pair of shoes for being a pace coach.

The eating has been OK. I am haning at 332-331 right now. I have a couple days where I am great about logging and then have a day where I don't. This week I am going to really focus on being more consistant about logging. I can tell that my clothes are feeling a little loose than before and I want to have that great feeling again when you can wear clothes you haven't fit into in a while. Only 1 month until the 1/2 marathon!!! I have some time to lose more weight.

One more thing and then I will stop. The one thing I really have been wanting is for everyone, my PT, running coach, everyone to tell me I can do this. I don't know why I need this so much. I know I should be able to tell myself I can but I want to hear it from my coaches. I am not sure where that is coming from. Is it so bad to want that?

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5 years ago

You are an amazing running coach!! I am so scared I will disappoint you :afraid2:




5 years ago

Okay first of all I KNOW you can do it and second of all no it's not bad to want reinforcement from your coaches. I know, for me, that I need to be told by the people who know their stuff that my abilities are what I think they are and not unrealistic. Besides it always feels good to hear the support you have - it makes a difference so I totally get it.

I'm totally jealous of a 10:40 pace for 6 miles by the way. I can't wait until I'm able to do that for more than a couple of miles myself. :y: