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Wednesday, Mar 13 2013

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time is flying by!!! I cannot believe it is already March 13th. Overall things have been pretty good.


Overall my running workouts have been going very well. This past Sunday was a 14 run for me and 12 mile run for the rest of my pace group. It was a cool run (not cold but neat). You know St. Louis has that Arch thing:) We ran from the Park we usually start from and ran downtown to the Arch and back. Everyone loves this route and it takes you on part of the last 2 miles of the half marathon. After they did their 12 miles I finished off the last 2 on my own. We were so lucky, it was supposed to rain all morning. The rain held off until mile twelve so only 2 miles in the rain! 2:53:15 (12:22average pace) for 14 miles, felt great the entire time. I did change up my nutrition before the run, I did a fuel plan suggested in runners world. I think it really helped because this is the best I have felt on a long run in a while. I defently have not been eating enough calories before the long run. I also was not crazy hungry the rest of the day.

Yesterday morning was 3x2 miles @ goal half pace. My times were 1. 21:13 (10:35 average pace), 2. 20:31 (10:16 average pace), 3. 20:34 (10:15 average pace)

The first set I felt good, the second set I felt very good. The third set, I kind of struggled the first mile but the second mile I started to get my grove back. I did the same kind of fuel plan,just not as many calories, as I did for the long run and I wonder if this helped me.

So......this weekend is our big 5 mile St. Pat's Run downtown. Tim wants me to break 50 minutes. I did get the affirmation I needed from him that I can do it based on all my stats. I am trying VERY hard to keep those negative thoughts out of my head! One of the pacers for the faster group said she would help pace me part of the time.

Personal Training:

My training yesterday was awesome. I was so strong, we did a lot of core and all the exercises I stuggled at before were EASY!!! Well when a trainer sees that it is not good. I ended up doing planks using the ball - not easy. Then another exercise she had me put my feet on a bench and I was in a push-up position with my legs higher and did these knee-ins things. It was a great feeling because I could handle everything. Even the burpees she made me do at the END of the training session, I was stonger than I have ever been doing burpees. It still isn't pretty but I was able to keep a consitant pace with them. It was a great feeling.

My Weight:

It is staying about the same fluctuating between 231 and 232 BUT all of a sudden my clothes are so much loser! So even though the scale is not where I would like it to be, I have a lot of great NSV and I am truly happy about that. I am going to start weekly weighins with my trainer and she is going to do monthly measurements.

I am just going to keep fighting!!!!

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5 years ago

Good luck with the race this weekend!!! You will do great!




5 years ago

All I can say is WOW. Your running and training is unbelievable, so inspiring! I know you'll break 50! And yes, the scale is the least important thing is this scenario!




5 years ago

Stability ball planks and feet elevated planks are not for wimps - you are very fit girl. Your St. Pat's run will be great - don't hold yourself back - go for it and feel wonderful! :teeth1::rolling1::thumbu2:




5 years ago

You will do amazing running the 5k and 50min isn't going to happen, I see 47 min for ya :) No bad talking friend :)
Yeah on the cloths fitting better......