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Monday, Apr 1 2013

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Taper week! This weekend we got the last long run done and this Sunday is the big day! St. Louis Go half marathon here I come!!!

My goal this week is to enjoy the taper, let me body heal, get good rest and fuel my body with healthy stuff. The only thing that is scaring me a little is feeling/taste I am getting in my chest. People have been sick around me for months. I have been steering clear of them and have been a good handwasher. I cannot get sick this week! I just can't. I am drinking lots of water and am taking Ziciam. I started getting that feeling in my chest yesterday.

I told my family, Especially Elizabeth my 11 year old, I am resting this week and if you need to run around you have to ask your father I am going to be selfish this week:)

Good news my old PT/Chiropractor moved back! It did not work out with his job and he is back! Not sure if I will be able to personal train with him BUT I have seen him twice at the clinic for my sciatic nerve. It was starting to get really bad (so bad I was starting to pop a lot of pain meds on a daily basis) and I was going to make an approintment to see someone new and then I got the message from Scott that he was coming back. 2 appointments and there is already improvement:)

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5 years ago

You probably need to be selfish more often!!

Glad you (re)found someone who can help with your back. I am surprised you can run with sciatic nerve problems!!




5 years ago

So excited for your half marathon! You deserve to be selfish. You've worked too hard to get sick or something right before your big race!




5 years ago

Sounds like you know exactly what to do before your race :)
Glad Scott is back to help ya!

And yeah to you for taking some selfish time ;)




5 years ago

I love the phrase "taper week!" In my book it's the best phrase EVER. :smile1:

As for the chest feeling/taste thing the tapering will most likely help with that. I felt similar the week leading up to my taper and everyone around me was sick - I had to resist the urge to spray everyone with Lysol. =D The good news is that by race day I felt fine and nothing ever took hold. Just do what you know to do with the rest and the good eating (and the Vitamin C that Donzi suggested) and you will be good to go!




5 years ago

Make sure to get plenty of vitamin C :)